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We believe your garden should be a special space - somewhere you really enjoy - precisely your way. For some, that may be sharing stories around a fire pit with family or friends, for others it may be picking their own bumper harvest of fresh homegrown veggies and for yet others, it may be watching birds and butterflies feeding on colourful, nectar-filled flowers, or perhaps all three. Regardless of what you believe constitutes a happy garden, we have you covered.

We listen to your needs and garden wish lists. We carefully examine the highlights and complexities of your site and marry solution-oriented expertise with creativity and artistic flair, resulting in your little part of the world becoming that bit more special.

Romany Lambert Garden Design is dedicated to creating beautiful, practical outdoor spaces that completely align with your sense of aesthetics, lifestyle, architecture and surroundings.

Give us a call, or drop us a line so we can meet and help you achieve your happy garden