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In today’s world, where more people than ever feel very time poor, maintaining an attractive garden can seem daunting and time consuming. A very common request for garden designers is to create a ‘low maintenance garden,’ but what exactly does this constitute and how can it best work to your advantage? Firstly, there are varying ...
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Using mulch is a highly effective way of suppressing weeds and minimising water loss. There are however some important considerations when determining which material to apply and when to apply it. Mulch works by creating a layer of insulation on top of the soil. This is ideal in the summer months when the garden is ...
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Is your garden living up to it’s true potential? Is it the perfect outdoor complement to your indoor space? If the answer is no, take heart as there a number of considerations that can make all the difference. First of all, how would you most like to make use of your garden? Do you wish ...
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